Dec 17, 2008

Book Review: The Decline of Men, How the American Male is Tuning Out, Giving Up and Flipping Off His Future

Men wanted!

A startling trend, affecting half the American population, is happening and happening fast. According to Guy Garcia, in his book “The Decline of Men, How the American Male is Tuning Out, Giving Up and Flipping Off His Future,” the dominant American male, as we know and love him, may soon be extinct.

In this thoroughly researched book, Garcia offers up surprising, eye-opening statistics to support his take on this cultural upheaval in America. His premise is as women are strengthening their place in the world and increasing their earning power, younger men are confused by the new rules of masculinity and are not only falling behind, but opting out all together.

As media and pop culture portray and foster this image of the young male as a video-game playing buffoon, it seems men are falling prey to this stereotype and no longer wanting or able to take care of themselves, let alone a wife and family.

Drawing on research and talking with experts in a variety of fields including human reproductive science, education, marketing and pop culture, Garcia paints a detailed, fascinating but somewhat perplexing and frightening view of what is happening to the American male.

I remember working in offices when men ruled and women made the coffee and believed that the goal of promoting feminism was not only to create opportunities for women, but to give men more freedom as well. So it was distressing to read these statistics and see this oncoming demise of men. Fortunately there is hope, but men must recognize what is happening and pull themselves up by their bootstraps, just like any self-respecting man would do – and in the process meet women halfway.

About the Author
Guy Garcia is an award-winning journalist, novelist, and multimedia entrepreneur. He has been featured in the major newspapers and publications as well as has appeared on ABC, Univision, NPR, CNBC, PBS and the Tavis Smiley Show. Once a staff writer for TIME, Garcia wrote groundbreaking stories on American culture, For more information, please visit http://www.harpercollins.com/books/9780061474811/Decline_of_Men_The/index.aspx

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  • Your article is very interesting, i bookmarked your blog for future referrence :)

  • The assumption is that the place which males have declined from was a actual location in the first place. The patriarchal format was always flawed with men fitting the stereotype of “king of their castle” reserved for the idiots who couldn’t understand the contributions of their spouses, who without, would have had no “castle” at all.

    Men and women are endowed with certain unique characteristics specific to their gender. After that, there is more commonality than difference across the board. Anyone buying into the P.T.Barnum approach to gender roles peddled through the media deserves the pain and suffering that comes with it. Know your strengths and weaknesses and find someone who’ll compliment them and forget about who is suppose to do what-

  • Hear! Hear! Rockin’ with ya, Jeffrey!

    Here’s the conundrum…a significant part of the world has a vested (and lucrative) interest in PT Barnum approach.

    Calling on all parents, mentors and friends who care to help us all de-programme ourselves, reject the stereotypes and help us live up to our fullest potential on Planet Earth! (not Mars or Venus or wherever men and women are supposed to come from :)

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