Nov 30, 2009

TalkingDesign: Greetings from Down Under

Celebrating 50 years of Design from Argentina.

Well, actually we mean the other side of the Southern Hemisphere, where end of November heralds Summer. Keeping the shop open for five decades is no small feat; Ronald Shakespear, founder of Diseño Shakespear, deserves kudos for his contribution to visual communications and environmental signage in his beloved Argentina.

He muses: “Diseño Shakespear is …Concise and precise; simple, but not bare; effective, but with good sense of humor; … and also clear, yes: clear.”

AIGA XCD CrossCultural Junction is working on an interview with Don Ronaldo to uncover the secrets of his success and perspective on Argentinian design. Meanwhile, check out this article that chronicles the philosophy of Diseño Shakespear.

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