Nov 30, 2009

TalkingDesign: London’s Tube Map Gets a Facelift

Is it the end of the line for London’s iconic tube map? Jonathan Glancey would like to know…

Might the Oyster card swipe the world-famous London Underground map off the walls of tube stations for ever? From the beginning of 2010, Oyster cards can be used for travel on all public transport services in Greater London including tube trains, buses, trams, suburban trains, the Docklands Light Railway and Thames Clipper river boats. What this revolution in ticketing means is that Londoners and visitors to the capital will be able to travel seamlessly above, below and across the city, as well as out to its farthest-flung suburbs.

For the full article, click here.

Many thanks to Ronald Shakespear for forwarding this article.

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  • I enjoyed this article I had learned quite abit about Paula Scherr this semester and it would seem the work that she had done for the aiga back in the day as presented in the film Helvetica she is a perfect candidate. If they have not already decided to use the map in the article above which is appealing.

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