Dec 14, 2009

Dan Formosa, Designing for Humans: Femmes

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From left, Erica Eden, Agnete Enga, Yvonne Lin, and Whitney Hopkins are pushing for designs that reflect what women really want. | Photograph by Christopher Sturman.

Just a quick update to my previous Designing for Humans: The Average American blog post.

Fast Company ran an article on Smart Design’s Femme Den, a group within Smart that focuses on design and gender. It would be easy to say that they focus on design for females, but in actuality they are studying gender and gender differences, males and females, and opportunities for design. For more detail, check out the  Fast Company article or visit Fast Company’s blog.

Femme Den has website dedicated to the subject as well.

Daniel Formosa, Ph.D., is a consultant in product design and research, and a founding member of Smart Design in New York City. Dan’s education includes design, ergonomics and biomechanics. He has received numerous design awards and his work has been selected for national and international exhibits.
Dan was a member of the design team that developed IBM’s first personal computer, OXO Good Grips kitchen tools and XM Satellite Radio. His work has been included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Dan recently worked with Ford to develop SmartGauge, an instrument cluster for Ford’s 2010 hybrid cars designed to influence driving behavior and save fuel – an innovation for the auto industry.

In addition to his design work he lectures worldwide on the physical, social and emotional aspects of design and innovation. Dan also recently co-authored and illustrated the book Baseball Field Guide, employing principles of information designed to explain the intricate, vague and confusing rules of Major League Baseball.

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