Apr 9, 2010

Ronald Shakespear shares his Green Wayfinding Dream

Tren de la Costa. More musings from Diseño Shakespear.

From Melancholy to Rebirth

The sun comes from the East. From the river. And so does the train. This was the source for the design of the brand, and all its implementations have been technologically treated to reflect that adequately. The research around the iconography of the English sun was a manual in itself. Some sort of semantic diving for ancestors.

Dramatizing Emerging Factors: the Green Dream

The project team carefully studied the “mother” chromatic source of the project from several perspectives. The enormous help provided by the research work resulted in certain decisions that, once implemented, proved their benefits. Ral 6005 green was the choice –a paradigmatic one- for the train’s graphic skin. That was the starting point of the chromatic features of all communication elements in the project.

The red nerve that goes through the green, like a living path, on thetrains themselves and on every sign, seeks not only to connect the project to the iconography of railway restoration –the railways of childhood and nostalgia- but also to emphasize the ecologic factor that was the project’s premise.

Form & Function 
As a rule, the problem is attacked once and again in a ritual that
repeats itself, but communication in public spaces, especially public
transportation, is generally an avalanche.

Once the system’s basic signs had been defined (brand, color palette,
mother font), a number of urgent and simultaneous requirements fell upon
the team project. They say that defining the problem is fifty percent of
the solution. That is not always true. There is also red tape. 

The green color of the train was brought into question, particularly by transportation engineers, who were used to a light color palette that is a universal convention: trains are supposed to be painted in light colors that make them stand out against the background of nature. Dark green goes against the premise of security, regardless of the conceptual reasons explained in our proposal. It was a battle. Just one of many battles. We wanted the train to be part of the landscape.

Client: Tren de la Costa

Location: Buenos Aires
Design: Diseño Shakespear Argentina.

Design Team: Lorenzo Shakespear, Juan Shakespear, Ronald Shakespear, Joaquín Viramonte, Gonzalo Strasser, Cecilia Bonnefón, Juan José Aguiló, Lucía Diaz,  Juan Cerdá, Luis Travi

Consultants: Victor Levy Ing / Watson&Levy / Legal Consultant. Fernando Estevez / Fabrication Consultant

Fabrication: Acrílicos Atlas SA.

Photos: Juan Hitters, Lorenzo Shakespear

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