Jan 17, 2011
Zelda Harrison

Diseño Shakespear tells the story of Icono

Like all good brands, Icono has a story to tell.

XCD would like to thank our contributor from Argentina, Diseño Shakespear, for this lyrical case study in branding.

Luigi Bosca Winery called on Diseño Shakespear, a firm with fifty years experience in information design, brand and sign generation and care, and building value through branding experiences.

The visual component of brands, traditionally and erroneously attributed to a frivolous aesthetic need, is actually the deepest expression of a brand’s sentiment. In our environment there is too much information and too little time; it is only natural that we should value feelings more than cold, calculated information. A conscientious selection of a brand such as Luigi Bosca involves no little amount of feelings and sensations.

Evocations, aspirations and memories are also present in that selection.

The work done for the Arizu Family was about rationalizing and updating the Winery’s and its product’s identity features. After more than 100 years of history, the brand’s perception had been gradually distorted by a number of changes. The difference among brands, products and visual communication has become highly complex by now.
On the other hand, the difference among quality, creativity and strategy no longer exists. Brands are dynamic, multi-sensorial experiences. Considering all the elements involved in the wine industry’s publicity baggage, we can understand how colors, names, images, the strategic location of a brand and the related messages will affect a potential consumer’s experience and will modify his or her behavior.

Diseño Shakespear redesigned Luigi Bosca‘s logo with up-to-date calligraphic resources, while evoking its familiar features. Then there is the matter of the family’s crest. The structure designed to emphasize the Family’s connection to the brand was attached to the crest, thus creating a monogram that would later accompany every product-related action, very much in the fashion of a classic coat of arms. This was part of a precise and demanding brand articulation program, specifically designed to clarify Luigi Bosca’s competitive background.

There followed the transformation of the ten labels in the Reserve product line, Gew, Reserve Champagne, the three labels in Los Nobles product line and the Icono label. The general perception of the changes made includes balanced shapes, a variety of colors, typographic subtlety and various textures, while preserving order, clarity and modernity.

The name Icono (Icon) was created over a two-month period along with the Winery and was selected out of a long list of alternatives. From the standpoint of suggestion, Icono is the dream of any branding professional: it is a ductile and vital name, suave yet strong, delicate yet virile. As a result of the right combination of the acoustic elements in the letters of the word, Icon is not hard to remember. One special feature of our work with Luigi Bosca was the family’s direct involvement.

The Icono case: a good wine will always find in the bottle a good vehicle for expression
Against popular belief, the most important thing here was not the label’s graphic design but the joint planning of the whole Icono event. It is a rare thing to see, such an intense exchange of ideas at the highest managerial level and so creatively diverging reflective capabilities.

From every viewpoint, Icono demands respect and care at the same time. The word resounds with the authority of what it evokes: a flagship wine, a paradigm, a first-born, a symbol. It is the highest and most ambitious wine, a wine that cannot be surpassed. Icono demands to be drunk or treasured. The graphic solution organic, simple, almost elementary, yet meticulously implemented- contrasts with the wine’s complex, elaborate nature. Thus, the graphic expression of the wine’s history a product with true, spontaneous feeling- breathes out clarity, order and honesty. Between thought and expression, the visual component of Icono is a declaration of principles, a brief description of a unique condition that expresses movement and calm at the same time. Like all good brands, Icono has a story to tell. Like all good stories, the story of Icono is short. The notion of following strange graphic trends or visual effects was never entertained. What does Icono’s label have that the others don’t? It is an oasis. The firm’s history stands, tall and proud, amidst the wilderness. By evoking Luigi Bosca’s personal signature, which is almost one hundred years old, this fragment of an original manuscript tells us how things should be done, in the handwriting and with the authenticity of someone that has nothing to prove.


  • Oh, Lorenzo!… you are not only a visual designer, but a manager of dreams, and the text is a jewell of wine literature.

  • Beautiful labels, beautiful design! Now the only thing I’m missing is tasting the wine. Great article!!! Congrats!

  • I agree completely with the Frascara opinion. ¡Bravo!

  • It is fascinating to read the deep thought behind the design – and, of course, Argentian wine is the best in the world and deserves such care!

  • Me encantan las etiquetas, ya te hacen sentir el vino en tu boca… Felicidades Lorenzo por inspirar a muchos

  • Lorenzo, Desde Sevilla, Espa±a, van mis felicitaciones por esos diseños tan maravillosos. Como djo el compañero de arriba, eres un “vendedor de sueños”. Todas las etiquetas creadas por Vds y los diseños corporativos, son extraordinarios, Invitan al lector a “probar” el producto, y a embarcarse en un viaje de los sentidos.

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