Feb 19, 2011
Zelda Harrison

XCD supports Kickstart

XCD contributor Erin Moore is on a 30-day quest to fulfill her dream.

I am a designer and I think a lot about exploration – not just about going somewhere new and pitching a tent in places with unfamiliar names – but also about finding ways to get to know people and the kind of lives they lead. In a digital world that allows us easy and instant access to people from around the globe, cultural exploration and understanding is as important to us now as geographical exploration and understanding was to people like Roald Amundsen and Lewis and Clark.

I wonder how we can connect, discover and bridge our own experiences with experiences of people who live in different places around the world.

The purpose of my project is to provide access to relevant information about people and ways of life in parts of the world that are hard to reach. For designers, my hope is that the information gathered from this work can be used as a starting point to further inspire and influence projects that lie at the intersection of design, technology and social entrepreneurship. For everyone else, I hope that my efforts will get them excited about exploring and encourage them to investigate and ask questions about the world they live in.

In an effort to create these authentic connections between people living in different parts of the world, I will provide an insider’s look into the lives of people living in Northern Pakistan. Their stories will be documented online so that others can connect with and learn from their perspectives.

XCD is very excited about Erin’s proposal and has pledged our support. Visit Erin’s Kickstart page for more information about or check out her previous post for her perspectives on crosscultural design

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