Nov 5, 2011
Zelda Harrison

XCD Does Taipei: The IDA Recap

Getting a comprehensive recap of the 3-day event is an overwhelming task, but fortunately this is where partnerships make all the difference. In collaboration with XCD media partner DESIGN> Magazine based in South Africa, we offer you an op-ed recap of the 3-day conference that for the first time united the 3 major Design organisations in a body known as the International Design Alliance (IDA).

By its very nature, this event called for a multi-disciplinary conversation; but the conversation went above and beyond a review of designed artifacts and the design process to embrace Design and its role/impact on society. Here are some excerpts from the DESIGN> Magazine review:

“The design sector has evolved dynamically over the past decade. Yet, almost all of the speakers and delegates participating in the inaugural IDA (International Design Alliance) Congress, which took place in Taipei from 24 to 26 October 2011, agreed that the despite rapid changes, the sector can’t sustain the status quo trajectory.

Issues such as climate change, socio-economics, geopolitics, technology and many other factors have contributed to the evolution in the sector but no other factor has become more prevalent than the increased need for introducing more humanism in design thinking, processes and products.

The aim of the 2011 IDA Congress was to bring together the unified voice of designers from various disciplines and from around the world in a themed framework to advance the vision and mission of the IDA by engaging with government leaders (commerce, trade, culture, etc.), INGOs, businesses, science and technology, education and the social sciences.

Click here for the full commentary from Design Magazine.

And this is our mini-album, where XCD Got some Love From Taipei!

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