Jan 23, 2012
Zelda Harrison

Supporting a Creative Economy: Munich und Bayern, February 7-12, 2012

As national and cultural entities thrive in a globalised economy, they face an interesting balancing act between being reaping the benefits of diverse voices and influences while highlighting their assets and identity. Many advocates of economic development are turning to Design for affirmation. XCD continues to follow the interaction between municipalities and engaged citizens using design. Our latest article covers the Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) scheduled for February 7-12, 2012 and is based on an interview with Bayern Design, the principal event organiser.

If you’re cruising through The Continent looking for Design Inspiration or have some frequent flyer miles you need to cash in, this might be worth checking out…

Who’s hosting?

MCBW is sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry for the Economy, Infrastructure, Traffic and Technology. The organising team, Bayern Design, gathers designers, publicists, web developers and communications experts dedicated to promoting the value of design, its relevance in our daily lives and in promoting generally accepted standards.

As the event’s title suggests, there is also a balance to be struck between creative and commercial interests. Bayern Design is primarily concerned with giving momentum to interdisciplinary design discourse while bringing together people in the creative and economic sectors . “Today, products aim at a variety of target groups / stakeholders – and, simultaneously, are subjected to critically observing customers. The integration of multidisciplinary know how – especially before developing new products, is becoming more and more important,” says Dr. Silke Claus, CEO of Bayern Design. “Another fact is that most people think of Design…as fashion. Of course Design has a strong link to fashion and aesthetics, but we strongly believe that our events will show Design as being something more than that – as a relevant factor for innovative, young start-ups as well as global companies like our premium partner BMW.” Dr. Claus continues: “We are focused on industrial and communication design and our intention is to be business driven. And that is the main difference (between us and) other design events you’ll hear about in Germany.”

Who’s invited?

MCBW is planned for a worldwide audience of creatives, with a broad range of events being held in English. A classic example of the globalised nature of Design is the “Font for Japan” project, organised by web designers worldwide in honour of the victims of last year’s seismic sea wave and atomic catastrophe of Fukushima. In the same vein, MCBW seeks to highlight various perspectives of design, rooted in cultural differences and to increase dialogue between designers from different horizons. “MCBW believes that Design connects, it does not divide”.

So what is “Bayerisches” Design, anyway?

Outside of automotive design, many non-Germans think of the whimsy of Bavarian design and craftsmanship, especially in traditional tourism products. In modern design, Bavarian Design is pragmatic, driven by technology, streamlined and user-oriented, with a high emphasis on the use of innovative material. And speaking of innovation, MCBW intends to highlight aspects of design that Bavaria is less identified with, namely Interaction design, Social Design, Interior Design, Communication and Typography.

Event Highlights include:

Respect and Uebermut: MCBW devotes itself to esteem and value added issues. For one day, Munich residents and international speakers from all design disciplines and economic disciplines will share their view of the subject “Responsibility during design”. From ecological, economic, social, sustainable and innovative perspectives, they will investigate proposals concerning how and to what extent design can make a difference.

A talk on “Behaviorology” in Architecture and Inspiring Design: A discussion with Co-Principal of Atelier Bow-Wow Momoyo Kaijima, BMW Guggenheim Lab design architect, together with Benoit Jacob, Head of BMW i Design, BMW’s sustainable mobility division as we explore the crucial role design and architecture can play in creating sustainable urban living.

Satyendra Pakhalé: Industrial Design with Cultural Content: “I am always curious, my mind is pre-occupied with typologies, materials, technologies, symbols, rituals and their cultural significance. In our studio we are as much engaged in industrial projects as, with exploring new ways of making things.”

Other speakers will include Stefan Diez, Anja und Sandra Umann, Vera-Maria, Glahn and Marcus Wendt, who focuses on Biomimicry

The general public is expected to be an active part of the event as well: “… people in general are interested in some way or other in the development of new designs, whether they are driven by interest in technology or the environment or even searching for information about making judicial purchases”. Accordingly, a number of non-designers will counted amongst the speakers, including King Bansha of Ghana, and acclaimed Bavarian actress Marianne Sägebrecht. MCBW is keen to promote dialogue about the design process by inviting the chief designers of BMW to speak about their daily activities and new products.

Have fun in Bavaria!

Forget Oktoberfest, there’s so much more to Munich: with events like TypeClubbing,  you’ll have to make time to socialise with your new Barvarian friends after your daily dose of Intense Inspiration. And, if that’s not enough, get out and a take short trip to the Bavarian Alps, experience the genuine “Bayerischen Lebenstil”. Make a “Hüttn-Tour” and meet extraordinary Bavarian “Landvolk” (countryfolk) and you will see why Bavarians say: “It´s nice to be a Preis (Prussian), but it is higher to be a Bayer!

ACHTUNG: watch out for the “Wolpadinga” ;)


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