Jul 2, 2012
Zelda Harrison

Calling for Evolution, not Revolution in the 21st Century

During the 5th Astana Economic Forum, Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, outlined a blueprint for a “G-Global Community” to replace the G8 and G-20.

“I think that the humanity has reached the ceiling for revolutions and world wars in the last century. Now the human wisdom is in keeping peace, otherwise we will destroy ourselves. Successful renewal of the global architecture can only be evolutionary in the 21st century. As we can see from the Arab Spring, the revolutions only slow down development of the communities, cast their economies and social standing back, complicate interstate relations and cause even greater problems.

The revolutions in the 21st century are possible and acceptable only in scientific knowledge and technologies, but they are destructive for political and social practices, especially if they are planted on economically unprepared ground. The path of reform is the only pathof progress in the 21st century.

“The international community can constructively develop only in the absence of revolutions, in terms of equality, mutual tolerance, transparency and global multi-polarity…successful renovation of the global architecture can be only evolutionary… the current relations between the countries should be based on justice, equality and consensus. The division of the great and minor countries in the 21st Century is out of date in terms of civilisation, the domination of some countries over others is not progress. This is a dead end for all…

The issue regarding the relations between the poles will (continue to) occur. It will be determined whether this will be an honest fair competition, global competitiveness, or (whether) the world will be an arena of tough political and ideological confrontation, the scene of a new arms race. The only alternative to these threats and challenges is to create “constructive multilateralism”….

There should be no geopolitical snobbery.”

–Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan and host of the 5th Astana Economic Forum

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