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Aug 18, 2008


Lend a Hand, See the World

At the tail end of last year, Firebelly Design closed its office for 2-weeks and took a volunteer vacation in Thailand to work with Buddhist monks, serve the Thai people and bond as a studio.

The trip was facilitated by GlobeAware, a nonprofit organization offering short-term “adventures in service” in several countries including Cambodia, Romania, Ghana and Peru. With a focus on cultural-awareness and sustainability they could best be compared to mini peace corps.

We arrived in Bangkok and met our home stay host: Duangjai Thitayarak aka Mammee. Mammee is a 60-something firecracker with a big friendly smile and a twinkle in her eye like she already knows all your secrets. We traveled by van about an hour north to Ayutthaya (eye-you-TEE-ah) province and settled into our home for the next 8 days: simple wooden houses on stilts, open to the outdoors, no running water, no electricity–and it was perfect.

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