Jul 9, 2009

Dan Formosa, Designing for Humans: Musings on Product Design

Entry #1

At the San Diego Y-Conference earlier this year, I gave a presentation outlining the social and political upheavals prior to the establishment of our office, Smart Design.  The presentation got the attention of the CrossCultural Junction, and an invitation to join as an ongoing contributor. Continue reading »

Jun 27, 2009

Profiles at the Junction: Featuring Tony Di Zinno

From Air Jordan to the Dalai Lama, photographer Tony Di Zinno made his bones on propaganda and print campaigns for the likes of Nike, Adidas and The North Face. His career spans assignments in 50 countries and on six different continents informing his work with a distinct global – and very human – perspective.

Tony is based in Los Angeles, where he teaches at his alma mater, the Art Center College of Design. Tony is passionately pursuing a number of projects, including a new photo-centric TV show that will explore endangered cultures and environments around the world. Continue reading »

Jun 11, 2009


Reflections on self-validation and the role of “Social Design”

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Jun 1, 2009

This Chair is not a Chair

The Masterstudio Basel explores the idea of Furniture

What makes The Chair a chair? The fact that someone’s sitting on it? And if a person sleeps or eats on it, would that make it a bed or a table?

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Jun 1, 2009

AIGA XCD Student Showcase

June heralds graduation, student shows and reflections upon “Design in the Real World”. In the spirit of the season, the Crosscultural Junction would like to showcase the work of Michael Tsang, a Product Design graduate from the Parsons School of Design.

Following is a recap of his Senior Thesis, with the images of  prototypes made out of bamboo plywood and finishes. We invite you to take a look at Michael’s exploration of Culture in Furniture Design.

If you are a student and would like to share your experiences, email us.

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May 31, 2009

Design Diplomat II: Daniel R. Smith on Assembling The Seattle-Moscow Poster Show

Russian-American Poster Throwdown
Rufus Wainwright vs. 9/11; Band of Horses vs. Chernobyl

Given the relaxation of historic political tensions between U.S. and Russia, The Seattle-Moscow Poster Show (opening September 4, 2009, Bumbershoot, Seattle) will differ from its predecessors, The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show and The Seattle-Havana Poster Show. Instead of avoiding difficult content out of necessity to protect designers in those cities, this exhibit includes posters referencing tragedies that once could have been viewed through the prism of national politics, but in reality are universal tragedies.  Continue reading »

May 13, 2009

Design Diplomat I: Daniel R. Smith on Curating America’s Most Dangerous Poster Shows

Acts of Self-Censorship

As the organizer of a series of Seattle-based international design exhibits, I’ve witnessed the power of graphic design to breakdown stereotypes and unite cultures. I’ve coordinated projects with designers in countries that are politically difficult for Americans to visit much less maintain sustained contact with. And I’ve seen the joy on each side when an audience realizes that what we do is radically interconnected, despite government attempts to limit information, to keep us apart. To make these exhibitions possible, however, I have to admit to a certain level of self-censorship.
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Apr 27, 2009

¡Tipografía Sin Fronteras!

The latest stop in the AIGA XCD Road Show was Querétaro, where we picked up up some new friends at Déjando Huella, edición número 12. Continue reading »

Apr 3, 2009

TalkingDesign: Kuwaiti style

In addition to all the fun, it was very clear that Mousharaka offered a unique opportunity to share views with our counterparts in the Gulf States. So, AIGA XCD cornered a few Graphic Design majors from the American University of Kuwait (AUK) for some Real Talk about their lives and perspective on the Profession. Continue reading »

Mar 22, 2009

Mousharaka: Fun in the Desert


Icograda Design Week in Doha, March 2009.

Observe as Malaysian Muhamad Tamyez and Canadian David Berman collaborate to find missing body parts.

Then, watch as David Berman shows us an updated version of the Vulcan Greeting Ritual :)