Sharing Dreams/Compartiendo Sueños

Sharing Dreams/Compartiendo Sueños, an XCD AIGA center for cross-cultural design program, is an on-going collaboration between the U.S. and Cuba. Founded in 2003 by Toni O’Bryan, XCD Board member 2003-2008; Víctor Casaus, Director of Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau, La Habana, Cuba; and Hector Villaverde, Director Prográfica, La Habana, Cuba; Sharing Dreams/Compartiendo Sueños is guided by the intention of building friendships and professional relationships that are stronger than the political and commercial barriers separating these two nations.

Each year a group of U.S. and Cuban designers are selected by a committee and introduced to one another through the Internet. Through email and in the span of a few months the selected designers begin to learn more about each other, exchange ideas, designs and dreams. The collaboration culminates with the design of posters and their written commentaries, focusing on a yearly theme:

  • Sharing Dreams 2008
    Design in Music/Diseño en la Música

  • Sharing Dreams 2007
    Design in Culture/Diseño en Cultura

  • Sharing Dreams 2006
    Love Conquers All/El Amor Conquista Todo

  • Sharing Dreams 2005
    Dreams of Peace/Sueños de Paz

  • Sharing Dreams 2004
    Sharing Dreams/Compartiendo Sueños

The experience continues in Havana, Cuba when the participating U.S. Designers travel to Havana to participate in the opening exhibit for the posters and to experience other design and cultural activities with their fellow Cuban designers. Sharing Dreams has been exhibited in Cuba, Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. since 2005.

Sharing Dreams/Compartiendo Sueños is presented by XCD, AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design (AIGA XCD), Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau.